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About Cimone-Louise My name is Cimone-Louise. I am in the love & dating industry. I offer relationship advice to career women who are ready to find the one. I have had a life-long fascination with intuition & life strategies for success. For the past 10 years I have mentored thousands of people ... Read More

What We Do

What We Do My niche is running a mentoring program for career women who want to find “the one”. I offer support finding the right partner to women who are sick & tired of finding themselves in relationships with the wrong kind of men. I work one on one or on Skype for ... Read More

How We Do It

How We Do It Say Yes To Love The Say Yes to Love Mentoring Program uses a unique 7-step process tailored to career women, mainly in the 30-40 year age bracket. Their focus is to switch gears to build a partnership that includes marriage & children. Connect to your “WHY” – Do you know ... Read More

Say Yes to Love, By Cimone-Louise

It is my great delight to welcome you to this site. I am an Intuitive Decision-Making Strategist, here to provide you with solutions to get results fast. I have had a life-long fascination with the subject of intuition, implementing it’s use in my own personal life to great effect. For the past 10 years I have been working with women who have spent time & energy building their career or business. They come to me because they are ready to switch gears to find love & to be in that ideal relationship. My business consists of mentoring programs including “Say Yes To Love”. I work with a maximum of 10 women a week who receive my undivided attention. I feel grateful that I’ve been able to assist others clarity, confidence & inspiration.

Love and Relationship

Q&A with Cimone-Louise: My Relationship with My Partner

Q&A with Cimone-Louise: My Relationship with My Partner

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It is often asked what my relationship with my partner is about. It is a fantastic question, that helps me connect with you in your journey. Continue Reading »

How Do You Keep Focused While You Are Waiting?

How Do You Keep Focused While You Are Waiting?

Written by on September 27, 2013 in Love and Relationship with 0 Comments

Our brain thinks in pictures so be deliberate in training the mind to visualise all the activities you would do as a couple. Continue Reading »

What Makes You An Expert?

What Makes You An Expert?

Written by on June 16, 2013 in Love and Relationship with 0 Comments

As a certified Heal Your Life Coach ® I have had over 10 years mentoring thousand clients that have been willing for transformation and change. Continue Reading »

Say Yes To Love

Welcome to Say Yes to Love

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Hi Beautiful Friends, please check out this 14 second video to signify the launching of my 8-page brochure here today.

If you liked the video, I’m sure you’ll love to read

Say Yes to Love brochure

Say Yes To Love Mentoring Program
Say Yes to You, in 21 Days

Say Yes to You, in 21 Days

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This Say Yes to YOU – 21 Days to a Happier YOU is a 21-day mentoring program. We meet once a week for 90 minutes in a group synergy. Each week is intuitively programmed to your needs. We go through your vision for the next 21 days and the obstacles that may get in the way. I will offer you tools, processes and a folder that will support your 21-day journey. This is a fantastic introduction to my mentoring program and the first step to a happier you.

I do believe when you put yourself first this is the highest act of love and respect. The ladies that join this 21-day program show their willingness to change their habits and get results. Renewed confidence and their belief in themselves is increased. They find themselves saying yes to life with a happy and more grateful outlook.

Q: What happens on your Facebook Mentee page?

A: It is a closed group for the ladies I have mentored which has daily support and inspiration. Each month there will be a round of 21-day challenges which is an opportunity to improve one area of your life. This is the Lite version of my program which is free and by invitation only.

Q: What is the “Say Yes to YOU – 21 Days to a Happier YOU” program about?

A: The live version is where I then run smaller personalised groups that will meet in the privacy of my home in Manly, Sydney on each Saturday or Sunday during the 21 days. Sharing your 21-day journey is much easier and more fun when shared with others that are also keen to make 2014 their BEST year ever. The next intake will be on Sunday starting Feb 16 at 10am or at 1pm, each with a maximum of 8 ladies.

Q: Do I need to come to all 4 sessions?

A: Yes, it is important to show up for all 4 sessions. The energy you put in will help determine the results you will get back.

Q: What do I need to do?

A: You would choose one specific area you would like to focus on for the next 21 days eg Health and well-being, Finance, Relationship with self or others, a Business idea etc.

You will be given all the tools to support your 21 days for fun and progress.

Q: Why 21 days?

A: It takes 21 days for the neural pathways in your brain to change. It really is a fascinating process that if you put the effort in everyday a new habit can be formed. The mentoring I offer is to nurture and support you and give you the confidence to accomplish so much more than doing it on your own. I am so grateful for my mentors in my life that are there to inspire me and help me see my light. My gift and privilege is to offer the same to you.

Q: What do I believe in?

A: That every day is a NEW beginning and can be a New Year’s resolution every day. I love what I do with passion plus. Mentoring and cheering you on is what I was born to do. Your 2014, could be your BEST year ever to receive love and be fulfilled.

Q. Do you do it online too?

A. If you’re interstate or overseas or simply can’t make the face to face sessions, though would still be keen to experience this 21-day program over Skype in a small group, please offer some specific session times and starting dates, I would love to be with you too.

Q. How do I get started?

A. Please email me at cimone-louise@cimone-louise.com for an introductory questionnaire to see if this Say Yes to You – 21 Days to a Happier You program is for you.

download the new questionnaire

Words of Praise

“Thankful for 21 Days of inner change. Cimone-Louise you are one special, loving being xxx.”

– R.C. Queensland

“I have certainly found working with you a HUGE BENEFIT and I am very grateful for your encouragement.”
– D.U. Sydney
“Feeling very strong, positive and ready for an amazing 2014 🙂 thanks so much Cimone-Louise for keeping me focused on this 21-day challenge 🙂
– L.B. Sydney

Happy Life, Happy Love

A Kindness Revolution

A Kindness Revolution

Written by on June 30, 2013 in Happy Life, Happy Love with 0 Comments

I have had the sweet pleasure of meeting Jono Fisher through his regular events he holds in Sydney. My partner and I went to a screening of the movie “Happy” this year. Continue Reading »

Longing for Love?

Longing for Love?

 Longing for Love? What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right? Am I attracting them or pushing them away?

Continue Reading »

Your Inner Entrepreneur

NIDA ShoutOut

NIDA ShoutOut

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What An Incredibly Exciting Time at the KPI Brand Accelerator Day!

Another very cool event that Daniel Priestley & Glen Carlson show-cased on July 6.

It was the Key Person of Influence Brand Accelerator at NIDA in Sydney that attracted over 600 Eager Entrepreneurs on Saturday.

It was a truly fantastic event and a wonderful day for entrepreneurs everywhere. The energy was everywhere, and so exciting!

Here is Glen’s awesome 1 minute shout-out of what I do with my business. I believe it has never been a better time to “Say Yes to Love” & YES to being a KPI.

Please take a look!

Here is the link as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=1k6ki2mV1sI

Dan Priestley, the founder of KPI, ended the presentation with a simple message on how to grow our business and what we can do with it; “everyone of us is sitting on a mountain of value; the important thing is to get your value out there, in the products that you have as an entrepreneur”.


Each of us has the golden opportunity to become a “Key Person of Influence” – we sometimes need to look inside at how we are addressing some aspects of our business, to make it better. And, we need to run our businesses with a platform that helps us get stuff done. They covered such an amazing amount of information on how to better organise our businesses so that they actually work with us.


I love entrepreneurship, and I love being involved in this. There is so much Intellectual Property which has been stored in our brains for so many years. We need to get that out and share this with the world to truly grow. Ideas are worthless if we don’t implement.


Their next event is in Brisbane in August. If you are anywhere near there, then please take a look – you will truly be graced by some of the best business minds in the industry.

Brisbane in August

We were graced by the wonderful entrepreneurs of Daniel Priestley and Andrew Griffiths during the event, as well as 3 other key speakers. These included Social Media Superstar Kylie Bartlett, as well as Cathy Burke, and Matthew Michalewicz.

Daniel Priestly is onto his 2nd Best-Selling book which is entitled “The Entrepreneur Revolution – how to develop your entrepreneurial mindset & start a business that works.”

Andrew Griffiths who is part of the KPI family and speaker for the day for the section on “Publish”, has 11 magnificent books under his belt. He knows what he is talking about to make us shining authors too, that are on the KPI program.

Andrew Griffiths

Andrew describes Dan – “he is one of a kind. He is an extraordinary individual & a phenomenon in the Entrepreneurial world.” Yes, that about sums my day. Revolutionary!

I am proud to be an Entrepreneur in this community that always supports and encourages you, every step of the way.

To cap it off, it was so thrilling to be an event partner alongside very cool brands from across Australia and around the world. It really was a tremendous moment of influence for everyone.

Here is Glen’s awesome 1 minute shout-out of what I do with my business. I believe it has never been a better time to “Say Yes to Love” & YES to being a KPI.

Please take a look!

And, if you can, please take a look at what they are doing in Brisbane next month!

Brisbane next month

For Bold Entrepreneurs

For Bold Entrepreneurs

Written by on June 19, 2013 in Your Inner Entrepreneur with 0 Comments

My beautiful friend Deb King gave me a ticket to the Brand Accelerator at NIDA last year for my 40th Birthday. It was the most phenomenal present I have ever received. Continue Reading »

Making Things Happen – Say Yes To Love Video Introduction at KPI Sydney Event

Making Things Happen – Say Yes To Love Video Introduction at KPI Sydney Event

Written by on May 28, 2013 in Your Inner Entrepreneur with 1 Comment

Image Courtesy of Gina Lednyak

Do you know what KPI stands for?

It’s being a Key Person Of Influence (as well as Key Performance Indicator – but that is another story in it’s entirety).

Being a KPI is about defining yourself as the business leader in your industry. It is about developing your products and services that really connect with your audience and your customers. It is about performing at your best, continuously; at a level that is beyond what is regular and “normal”. It is about pushing yourself to be remarkable to yourself, and to your customers.

Here is how my KPI story began.

In June of 2012, my beautiful friend Deb King and I were meeting at Vivo Café in Sydney, it was an opportunity to network with industry people. Deb is an incredibly inspiring friend & mentor to me. We hadn’t even been there for 5 minutes and in walked Daniel Priestley. Deb was very happy to see him as she had known him for years with other business networks. Dan sat with us for about two hours. In his hand was his book and a brochure. I had my eye on the brochure. He shared enthusiastically about an event he had coming up that weekend and what he was setting up sounded phenomenal.

He had a great energy and vibe around him. He oozed wealth on every level. He had a great global team and he clearly had balance and lifestyle.

I really wanted to introduce best practices into my business and sat on the edge of my seat listening & taking in what Dan was saying.

His Key Person of Influence “Brand Accelerator” event was on in two days’ time. He said to me “Are you going on Saturday?”

Now, usually I’d be presenting at the MindBodySpirit Festival in Melbourne at this time, although one of my favourite mantras is – “you’re always in the right place at the right time with the right person.”

I had a planned session with my writing coach for that day, though I still had a look at his brochure – that brochure has changed my life!

After saying goodbye to Dan, Deb and I continued to talk about his event. I was so excited. She insisted on buying me a ticket for my 40th Birthday. I was thrilled!

Within minutes, Deb had bought my ticket and I was IN. I now breathed in gratitude and trusted the process. There was no way of getting out of it now. I was committed.

I woke up Saturday morning and knew this was going to be BIG. On my way there, I passed by where my very good friends Duncan & Heidi live. I knew I had to text them about the event.


8.02am 30.6.12

“Good Morning Heidi & Duncan- heading now to hang out with 600 entrepreneurs at the key person of influence :-))) at Nida.

Starts at 9.30am, u wanna come? Thinking of you! Xoxo.

A couple of texts later:

“I guess I could take notes for Duncan”


“Hey I am here. Yahhhh!”

Duncan was away skiing and Heidi just knew she had to come on his behalf. “Goody”, I thought; someone to share this vibe.

I was in heaven during Dan’s Brand Accelerator. 8 hours of bliss; all my questions were answered by the 5 amazing speakers.

You see, I love what I do, though I knew what I was doing, or not doing, was not going to get me the results I needed.

So how did I get this shout-out 7 months later by Glen Carlson in this spectacular video?

Well, for starters, at the beginning of February, I was ready. I had begun the KPI program in August, and was now well along into it. I was working so hard to get everything ready for this event. I was ready, but oh, so nervous.


I have been so thankful to be part of this exclusive group of 55 students that are mentored for 9 months. It has been 5 months so far, and I have adored every single minute GSD (getting sh!t done).

What makes this such a special group to work with?

The two things that I love about this group is that entrepreneurs do not complain, and that the support is phenomenal from both the directors and the mentors. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I have been hard at work, continuing to grow my business and putting the pieces together on my book… which I’ll be ready to show you soon!

So, take a look at this shout out from one of the founders of the business, Glen Carlson. It is the start of something amazing!

Take a look now: Cimone-Louise Video


What’s happening next?

Watch this space!

Many Blessings,


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