A Kindness Revolution

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I have had the sweet pleasure of meeting Jono Fisher through his regular events he holds in Sydney. My partner and I went to a screening of the movie “Happy” this year. Before the movie commenced, Jono asked us to take a couple of minutes to regroup from the day, a few breathes in and out and a light meditation followed.

WOW, that was really cool to be in a room of like-minded souls that dropped so deeply into peace. It set the tone for the evening. I was IN. I found that “happy spot”. YAHHH!

Typically when you go to the movies, popcorn is eaten, munching on chips, maltesers are passed around and let’s not forget the choc bomb ice-cream.

A Kindness RevolutionWhat was created was space and flow. There was no rustling of chip bags, hearing your neighbour eating noisily or people talking. Throughout the movie there was a stillness that permeated which was so delicious to be around. Intention was being created, consciousness was felt and there was awakening and aliveness all around.

I was so blown away about the energy and synergy that was created that I just had to get up close and personal and interview this kindness leader. It was also great to experience one-minute of meditation before and after our chat.

In-JOY the below interview of holding the vision of a kindness revolution:

C-L: How did the idea of the kindness cards start?

J.F: About 7 or 8 yrs ago now I quit my job. I was working in a corporate role and I had got to a point where I was quite unhappy and I’d say quite depressed. I probably burnt out in what I was doing, feeling of going against the grain, like I was swimming the wrong direction in a strange kind of way. So I finished that job and I thought I was going to take a few months off. After about a month I realised I had to make some money and I saw an ad in my local paper to be a male nanny and so I took up the job looking after two 6 year old boys and this kind of opened up a whole different world for me. It set a context for a whole different kind of view on life for me and one of the things that being a manny offered me was the time to explore what was really important to me. So I got into a whole bunch of the wisdom traditions, learning about a whole bunch of traditions and teachings. What I was really drawn to and still feel very drawn to are the heart practices, the practices that generate compassion and generate love as the heart being kind of the true brain. When it came time to launch WakeUp Sydney, I had seen the movie “Pay It Forward” and had seen Pay It Forward kind of ideas around and really liked the concepts of the things that it was promoting and thought it would be really lovely to develop some cards that would encourage people to do anonymous acts of kindness for people. What I really wanted them to be was really beautiful gifts, free gifts that people could order and receive in their mailbox this beautiful pack of cards. And not only encourage them to do anonymous acts of kindness but just the very act of receiving something beautiful in your mailbox that came with no strings attached I think was kind of signals of kindness, and signal kind of goodness and so that’s really what I wanted to do. I wanted to start something that would be kind of fun, playful, beautiful that was pointing to life being about service as opposed to life being about what can I get, and that’s kind of how it came about.

C-L: Before you started this, your kindness revolution act, can you remember from childhood or as an adult one person that may have touched you in the smallest way or the biggest way?

J.F: Yeah I think when I was a manny, my first year was a really difficult year, egoically, for me, because I’d gone from having something to hang my hat on in a career kind of way where I could tell people this is who I am, this is what I do, and I felt there was a kind of ladder or status. So it was actually quite difficult for me and I would say that my partner Claire is probably the kindest person I know and she was and continues to be the person that does so many beautiful kind things for me. I can often feel like I’m doing important stuff, you know like, doing my work and I’ll find a cup of tea next to me or I find hands on my back giving me a massage and all these little things that actually are big things and so I would say it would be my partner Claire. She has probably been for me the inspiration to realise that even though you can be involved in a seemingly bigger kind of project, she continues to remind me of the small things that sustain me.

C-L: Are there ways that you show her kindness daily or weekly ?

J.F: I try to do my best. I feel like this project for me is my practice so it’s not like I feel like the kindest person. I feel like this project helps to remind me to be kind. And so I guess I try my best with Claire which is, for me, one of the best ways I can support her is by me fully being true to myself in what I do in my life that is of great service to her and also just remembering the small things and to listen rather than to give advice.

C-L: When you meditate, how do you let go and be in that moment?

J.F: I have a very good friend who has taught me more about body-based meditation where I use a lot of deep breathing and connecting to my physicality and there’s something about my body that is relaxing my mind, rather than trying to relax my mind, and, so for me it’s about putting more attention into my body and then my body knows what it needs to do to relax my whole being. So that’s what really helps me to relax and let go, particularly when I’m connected to my belly region, and also bringing attention to my legs and my feet, I’m often struck by how I live my life from my neck up. So that’s a really important thing for me to connect with my body.

C-L: How do you cultivate your happiness? How has the “Happy” movie influenced your thinking?

J.F: I think what I really enjoyed about the “Happy” film was the fact that they went to so many diverse places and people and scientists and wisdom traditions and the same things kind of kept emerging. So what I loved about it was the common themes that emerged from many different & diverse sources. The way that film ended was with this notion that the things that make people happy, that makes them truly happy, are always free, they’re always available. Their friends, their relationships, it’s nature. I was very touched just by the fact that they went on this big quest, this big kind of world-interview with leading scientists and their conclusions were very simple and that really touches me. Sometimes I think in the world of solutions or consciousness, things can be sometimes be presented as complicated and there was something very simple about that that I really appreciated.

C-L: How can we teach children to be kinder?

J.F: I think there’s a quote about children picking up more from who you are than what you say to them and I think the best way that we can teach children this is to embody this ourselves, in a genuine way. Often we can look outsides of ourselves for the solution and I believe people really are serious about helping to bring love, kindness and compassion into their lives and have found specific practices to do the following (which many of the wisdom traditions have). To have the heart lead the life. I think that your children then bathe in that, they marinate in the love they receive from you and that naturally awakens that kind of compassion within themselves. So I think it’s less about instruction and more about who people are. I know that when you’re in the presence of people that are embodying compassion, you feel more compassionate yourself and it’s like they are transmitting something themselves. So although there are practical things as well, you know, in regards to teaching children things, I am much more inclined to encourage people to cultivate kindness within themselves and then let that naturally flow out to little ones. Someone was telling me that they had a child who had Asbergers and they took them to Findhorn in Scotland and she said she was never really spiritually inclined but what she found when she went to this community, was that her son stopped displaying the symptoms of Asberger. She was kind of stunned by this and her conclusion was that there was like an energetic presence there because people were cultivating something in their own lives that when her son went into that environment, he also was impacted by that, so I do think there’s something in us doing that ourselves and letting it naturally flow out.

C-L: Jono Fisher we celebrate your kindness stance and changing one person at a time.

Jono’s simple wish is that you be fuelled, nourished and uplifted to create a kinder, happier and more sustainable society. Folks it is TIME. Time to be kinder to ourselves, time to be kinder to our family, friends and our planet. What would it take for us to be in that remembrance and deliberate intention in every moment? We could then be in vibrational harmony and feel that oneness, there would no separation with others. The judgement would end.


Photo by: Jono Fisher

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"Thank you for connecting with me again, you're so kind. You said some very inspiring and motivating messages in our session. This has been the best timing, I've truly loved it. So I am staying optimistic about love and life. Thank you again for all your amazing help and wonderful wise words. I can't wait to have another session in the near future." C.E. Sydney