Are You Longing For The Perfect Partner? How To Stop Obsessing Over It – Part 1 of 10

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Longing for Love? What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right? Am I attracting them or pushing them away?

How to make some earth-shattering changes that will attract the partner of your dreams.

By  Cimone-Louise Fung


Finding Your Partner

Finding Your Partner

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be deeply in love with your perfect partner? It is an amazing feeling, one that you can never get enough of. And this is what I am going to talk to you about; how to make it work for yourself. It can be a struggle though it is worth it. I’m going to take you there.

Welcome to my 10-part series based on my article “Are You Longing For The Perfect Partner?”. We’re going to be taking you on an incredible journey here. I’ve got some wonderful, energised steps that I am going to take you through. It’s about finding the meaning in yourself, and how this will help you find the strength in your relationships. It is an exciting journey. And I am so amazed that I can share it with you today.

I am so looking forward to sharing this with you.

There really is so much to think and do, and so much to say. What are we going to talk about? Here are some of the key ideas that I will be taking you through.

  • The How and When?
  • What’s to Prove?
  • The Waiting Game
  • Are you Ready?
  • Priorities
  • Have You Ever Asked for a Car Space?
  • Worksheet on Love & Gratitude

Please join us on our little adventure -We are going to go through some unique and invigorating tips!

With Love and Energy,

Cimone-Louise Fung



LONGING FOR LOVE: How To Stop Obsessing Over It – Part 1 of 10


Cimone-Louise Love and GratitudeNot only are we longing for the perfect partner, we constantly seem to obsess if we’re not in a relationship, full stop. It really affects us and everything that we do, feel and think about. If we think otherwise, we are really just kidding ourselves. Love is a huge part of our own emotional health and well-being.

I can totally relate to that searching and seeking, not wanting to be rejected one more time.  It is difficult. It is tiring, and sometimes you really wonder if it is all worth the struggle.

You see, growing up my mum had all the answers to my happiness, my future. She had the sixth sense and often shared this gift with others. She knew what I didn’t know, or thought I didn’t know, and had the ability to tap into me, to really find out what I was thinking and how I was feeling.

“Yes please!”, I would state regularly; I wanted her to soothe my pain and tell me when “he” would arrive.  “Give me some insight please. Tell me something, anything?!”

She’d look at me with her eyes that would capture my attention and my thoughts, reassure me with her beautiful smile and just say, “He will come”.

Of course I was desperate for more information. “Details please!” is what I would always ask. I really thought that this is what I needed, not understanding and knowing the bigger picture, and how best to respond to what the universe was telling me. Though she never was willing to offer anymore. I just had to wait and bide my time, she would tell me. I would agonize.

What was the point, I would think so many times to myself? I am ready now! Please!

I was not at peace. I was anxious. I was not thinking about what I actually needed to do; I was so fixated on “partner” that I did not know what it really meant. Reflecting back now, I am grateful for the journey and how it instilled in me the importance of trusting my intuition and following my own path.
Cimone-Louise Love and Gratitude

She knew I would meet him. Of course, deep down I knew that too. Believe in yourself. Enjoy. Be at Peace. Seek that inner voice that will tell you when you are ready. It will happen.

All too frequently I would ask her, “When is it going to happen?”, “When will he be here”, with an almost exasperated tone.

Now, I can see how this affects everyone around us. It is not just about “him”; it is also so much about you and your peace and expectations. So many of my clients push me for this, and this is what I answer to them. It’s not an easy answer, though it is the most pressing question I hear from clients in my role as an Intuitive Decision-Making Strategist. Be at peace. Trust your intuition.


I look forward to sharing this 10 part series with you. Next week I will be addressing “The How and When?”

IN Peace,






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About the Author: Cimone-Louise Fung is an Intuitive Strategist. Her expertise is working with women entrepreneurs through her successful mentoring programs 'Say Yes to Love' and 'Trust your Gut'. She is a regular speaker at the MindBodySpirit Festivals around Australia, worked with Cleo Magazine in a regular column and has featured in the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Telegraph and several other overseas publications including the Hong Kong's leading English news daily the South China Morning Post as well as contributing to an e-Book alongside Jack Canfield, Mike Dooley & Dr John Demartini. .


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