LONGING FOR LOVE: How To Stop Obsessing Over It – Part 2 of 10

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Welcome to part 2 in this 10 part series.

Here are some tips for intuition and how our logic mind likes to distract us with the incessant “How and When”?

When we take that opportunity to be still, our inner voice becomes louder.

This can help us in a multiple of ways. It can:

  • Guide us to move forward towards love.
  • Know when to say goodbye to a relationship.
  • Or, guide us towards the ideal relationship.

Children and animals have such strong awareness; as adults we often deny and ignore those key messages that we constantly receive. This affects how we communicate with one another, including ourselves and our partners, and even our future partner!

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YES, we have all the answers within us.  How great to have that knowledge and awareness! The most powerful gift we have is our intuition. It can navigate and guide us. Our bodies are like a truth monitor and when we listen to them, we get certain feedback that is there to decode. If only we could all plug back into this natural gift, available 24/7!

If we truly access our intuition for all its energy and glory, and follow the path it shows us, we would be in vibrational harmony with our truth. Always be-ing in the right place, at the right time, and connecting with the right people. Never having to question anything.  That is infinite freedom.

On an intuitive level, my clients are also certain that things will happen. There is no better confirmation for the client in a session than to hear their own words stated with conviction, “I know, I know, I know”.  You do know your path and when you know your path, everything starts to show up with ease. The resistance dissipates because you have opened yourself back up to possibility.

The ‘how’ is the magic of the Universe. Be mindful not to get caught up with the mechanism of how he will show up. That’s the fun part.  It is all designed behind the scenes, sweetly orchestrated for the both of you! Let the logic part go; let it be, and you will see that he just shows up when you least expect it. The mystery will be delicious and you’ll thank the Universe for the sacred union that has taken place.

There are a couple of barriers that will stop the flow. I share this with you so you have the opportunity to tweak it:

  • What keeps you awake and anxious? This worrying pattern only pushes it away. I see so many others placing their emphasis on the unknown and the uncertainty about the future.
  • Your ‘job’ is not to over-analyse everything; the ego loves all the mental entertainment you feed it. It’s to lessen the trigger of whatever comes up for you. This is what we are all ‘tired’ of.  The drama and repetition, drama and repetition, drama and repetition. It so exhausting for the soul to be around that kind of harshness.
  • As soon as you say ‘I don’t know’ you cancel out any chance of fulfilment. Doubt starts crashing back in. You start to doubt yourself. You start to doubt the process. When we push for things to happen faster, there usually is a delay. The begging bowl of being needy appears, and we remain stuck until we let go and just relax.
  • When we plug into the past, we buy into the story of our past experiences and it keeps being re-created in the future. Unplug from the past and you will have the opportunity to choose something different.

Cimone-Louise Longing for Love

Let’s get over being devastated by the rejection and step back into our own power and potency of knowing we are all fabulous and infinitely talented. Maintaining the joy in each and every moment is the key when you’re not in a relationship. It shows gratitude to where you are and keeps your energy light.

The worst thing you could do is get all serious and heavy about it. That is what you offer the Universe and that is what you offer your potential partner. Lighten UP!

Thanks for listening  to your intuition and reading already what you know….

Stay “tuned” – next week is “What’s to Prove?”

These blogs are for you! If you have any comments or suggestions on future love topics, I would so love and welcome your feedback!

Remember to combine your inner GPS & listen always to your heart,

Cimone-Louise xxx.


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