Longing For Love: The Waiting Game. Part 4 of 10

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Longing for Love? What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right? Am I attracting them or pushing them away? How Long Do I Have to Wait?

Welcome to part 4 of my 10 part journey with YOU!

Being born a Gemini, I do not like to wait. Plain and simple. I totally get it when other people don’t want to wait either. When I was younger, I’d always be asking my mum about relationships; “When is it going to happen?”, “Why is it taking so long?”.  I really was not prepared with the outcome. I just could not stand the waiting game.

We’ve all done it; it is something that we need to get over, and actually get it to work for us.

In regards to anything else it was always  “Hurry up”, “Are we there yet?”, and “Can we go NOW!”. So yes, my impatience is quite prevalent. I am getting better, though…

So let me lead you into…THE WAITING GAME

“I’ll just sit back and wait and see… maybe he will come knocking on my door?”

Cimone-LouiseWhat if I told you, that waiting is a choice?

When you are open to preparing for a relationship, you are in the flow of creating and generating results. You’re stepping forward to the potential of a relationship and beckoning it to come. You are be-ing active in the participation. If you’re looking at buying property, going on a world trip, organising a wedding, planning for a baby, starting a business; there is always one common thread, it all requires a plan. This is where you always need to start. Once you create a plan, your entire thought process changes, towards one of preparation, thought and energy, not one of wasteful time “waiting”. You are now proactive. Things can now come forward to you.

In my observations, I get the sense that some are simply not willing to consciously prepare or plan for a relationship. This is tragic and unfortunate. They just want it to happen with no input whatsoever. Or, wait for the partner to arrive before the planning begins. This simply doesn’t work, and cannot work.

So, if you are in the habit of stopping and starting with your personal targets, take it as a sign that following-through and planning is a key requirement for your expansion. You will see it as putting off your health and well-being, putting off your creative interests, putting off moving out or starting that business idea. All of this is how you start to grow and change, and make things better. You need to make a change.

By doing so, you convey to your potential partner that you value yourself and the projects you align yourself with as important. If you’re able to devote your time and energy to something that is worthwhile and uplifting, it will deeply reflect in your future relationship together.

Every time you change your mind and pull out of creating things, you pull away from yourself and your prospective partner. It’s that simple.

So, close the gap by being proactive. Stop saying “Yes I’d like to be in a relationship” and then “No” and then “Yes” and then “No”. Be consistent, be specific and hold the space and thoughts that it will come.

Start by asking the Universe everyday, and place your “order”. Be clear and be specific in what you are asking for.

“Before I jump out of bed, my eyes are still shut. I am constantly sending energy and projections forward to my day. I am asking for a peaceful, flowing today. During the day, I am asking for extra energy and clarity”.

Can you do this? You will start to see results in how you think. You will be ready when it is right. This is when the real magic starts to happen, when you can plan and see the results starting to work and come together.

Get ready for next week and Part 5 – “ARE YOU READY?”.

Thank you for being here, your contribution and listening. If you have any comments or suggestions on future love topics, I would so love and welcome your invaluable feedback!

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About the Author: Cimone-Louise Fung is an Intuitive Strategist. Her expertise is working with women entrepreneurs through her successful mentoring programs 'Say Yes to Love' and 'Trust your Gut'. She is a regular speaker at the MindBodySpirit Festivals around Australia, worked with Cleo Magazine in a regular column and has featured in the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Telegraph and several other overseas publications including the Hong Kong's leading English news daily the South China Morning Post as well as contributing to an e-Book alongside Jack Canfield, Mike Dooley & Dr John Demartini. .


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