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Do you know what KPI stands for?

It’s being a Key Person Of Influence (as well as Key Performance Indicator – but that is another story in it’s entirety).

Being a KPI is about defining yourself as the business leader in your industry. It is about developing your products and services that really connect with your audience and your customers. It is about performing at your best, continuously; at a level that is beyond what is regular and “normal”. It is about pushing yourself to be remarkable to yourself, and to your customers.

Here is how my KPI story began.

In June of 2012, my beautiful friend Deb King and I were meeting at Vivo Café in Sydney, it was an opportunity to network with industry people. Deb is an incredibly inspiring friend & mentor to me. We hadn’t even been there for 5 minutes and in walked Daniel Priestley. Deb was very happy to see him as she had known him for years with other business networks. Dan sat with us for about two hours. In his hand was his book and a brochure. I had my eye on the brochure. He shared enthusiastically about an event he had coming up that weekend and what he was setting up sounded phenomenal.

He had a great energy and vibe around him. He oozed wealth on every level. He had a great global team and he clearly had balance and lifestyle.

I really wanted to introduce best practices into my business and sat on the edge of my seat listening & taking in what Dan was saying.

His Key Person of Influence “Brand Accelerator” event was on in two days’ time. He said to me “Are you going on Saturday?”

Now, usually I’d be presenting at the MindBodySpirit Festival in Melbourne at this time, although one of my favourite mantras is – “you’re always in the right place at the right time with the right person.”

I had a planned session with my writing coach for that day, though I still had a look at his brochure – that brochure has changed my life!

After saying goodbye to Dan, Deb and I continued to talk about his event. I was so excited. She insisted on buying me a ticket for my 40th Birthday. I was thrilled!

Within minutes, Deb had bought my ticket and I was IN. I now breathed in gratitude and trusted the process. There was no way of getting out of it now. I was committed.

I woke up Saturday morning and knew this was going to be BIG. On my way there, I passed by where my very good friends Duncan & Heidi live. I knew I had to text them about the event.


8.02am 30.6.12

“Good Morning Heidi & Duncan- heading now to hang out with 600 entrepreneurs at the key person of influence :-))) at Nida.

Starts at 9.30am, u wanna come? Thinking of you! Xoxo.

A couple of texts later:

“I guess I could take notes for Duncan”


“Hey I am here. Yahhhh!”

Duncan was away skiing and Heidi just knew she had to come on his behalf. “Goody”, I thought; someone to share this vibe.

I was in heaven during Dan’s Brand Accelerator. 8 hours of bliss; all my questions were answered by the 5 amazing speakers.

You see, I love what I do, though I knew what I was doing, or not doing, was not going to get me the results I needed.

So how did I get this shout-out 7 months later by Glen Carlson in this spectacular video?

Well, for starters, at the beginning of February, I was ready. I had begun the KPI program in August, and was now well along into it. I was working so hard to get everything ready for this event. I was ready, but oh, so nervous.


I have been so thankful to be part of this exclusive group of 55 students that are mentored for 9 months. It has been 5 months so far, and I have adored every single minute GSD (getting sh!t done).

What makes this such a special group to work with?

The two things that I love about this group is that entrepreneurs do not complain, and that the support is phenomenal from both the directors and the mentors. I’ve never experienced anything like this before. I have been hard at work, continuing to grow my business and putting the pieces together on my book… which I’ll be ready to show you soon!

So, take a look at this shout out from one of the founders of the business, Glen Carlson. It is the start of something amazing!

Take a look now: Cimone-Louise Video


What’s happening next?

Watch this space!

Many Blessings,


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About the Author: Cimone-Louise Fung is an Intuitive Strategist. Her expertise is working with women entrepreneurs through her successful mentoring programs 'Say Yes to Love' and 'Trust your Gut'. She is a regular speaker at the MindBodySpirit Festivals around Australia, worked with Cleo Magazine in a regular column and has featured in the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Telegraph and several other overseas publications including the Hong Kong's leading English news daily the South China Morning Post as well as contributing to an e-Book alongside Jack Canfield, Mike Dooley & Dr John Demartini. .


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  1. ‘How cool is that. Love love love the promo and story, well done Cimone-Louise.’
    – Robin
    ‘Hi beautiful Cimone-Louise,
    The KPI journey has been great! Even though it was meant to improve my business, it actually changed my attitude and consequently, my life. It’s so wonderful to be surrounded by positive people who believe in making a difference and are actually doing things every single day to implement their ideas! Love, love, love your story. And loving GingSD with you. Can’t wait for your book. Our KPI experience so far has been all the better because of you and I look forward to sharing the rest of the journey with you.’
    You have so much energy and focus Cimone-Louise. I’m so grateful for knowing you! ‘
    – Pei-Shan Wu
    ‘I remember the day I first met you Cimone-Louise at our first KPI day and you have achieved so much over the months since. You are an inspiration to us all and your leadership within our group and no doubt beyond is incredible. You have such a big heart and are so generous of yourself. Thank you for sharing the journey with us all.’
    – Tracy
    ‘Hey Cimone- great story about how you joined the program and met Dan!
    Can’t believe it was so chance that Duncan got on board too!
    Saying yes really goes lead to great things…’
    – Mike
    ‘Keep rocking it C-L! You’re doing amazing work and firmly on your way to establishing your own iconic brand. Influence flows from producing great output – never turn off the tap – keep producing!’
    – Mike Reid
    ‘Hey Cimone,
    It is funny how things happen, and Heidi and I are very happy that you did send that text message. My book is on its way and I have a new business in the making. It has been a truly amazing experience, and I believe it will continue for a very long time.
    I am very happy to be sharing it with you.’
    – Duncan
    ‘Hi Cimone-Louise,
    Great post, thanks for sharing your story about KPI. I’m glad you’re doing the program, you have been a great source of support and inspiration and a perfect example of GSD! Can’t wait to read the book. xxx’
    – Olivia
    Not many people go on such a personal journey of growth which leads so directly into developing and growing others so instantly. Then again you have always been such a healing leader angel that it is only your divine fate to instantly touch and help and lead others so freely.
    Cannot WAIT for the book!’
    – Amanda
    ‘Dearest Cimone-Louise,
    It is my absolute pleasure to be on this KPI journey with you. Your infinite energy and passion for what you’re doing is incredibly inspiring. The most amazing thing about the KPI process is seeing individuals, such as you, who have such an incredible gift being able to get your message out in a bigger way than would ever have been possible alone.
    You are brilliant and your commitment is “setting the bar” for me personally to keep moving forward and GSD.’
    With much love and gratitude,
    – Francine
    ‘What a blessing dear Cimone to have you in my life. You are the kind of person that nobody would want to let go; your passion for what you do, charisma and uniqueness is so contagious that the only one option we have left is to follow your steps & undoubtedly pursue our dreams. What a wonderful role model to follow!
    Keep up the amazing work bella and thank you so much for introducing me to KPI, this program rocks and can’t wait to GSD!’
    Lots of love,
    – Carla
    ‘Dearest Cimone-Louise,
    You are awesome and such an inspiration to us all! Thank you for always sharing and inspiring us daily – you rock!! Keep up the amazing work, look forward to keep following your journey – sooo excited about your book launch 🙂 )’
    Lots of love and gratitude always,
    – Emma
    ‘Darling Cimone-Lousie,
    What an inspiration you are!
    Congratulations on what you have achieved in a very short amount of time, you really are a KPI!
    I am continually inspired by the way you have embraced the KPI program and the way you are stepping more and more into your power while you are developing and owning your niche. And of course the way you GSD!
    Not only is it a beautiful thing for your own success and fulfilment but so wonderful for the many more people you will now touch and help with your love and gifts.
    You are fabulous! Shine On and Enjoy the Journey as more and more people around the world get to know that too!
    Cheers to divine timing!’
    Love, love and more love,
    – Deb King
    ‘What a great intro by a great guy! I look forward to watching your next steps unfold as I know it will benefit so many. All the best!’
    – Heather Porter
    ‘Gorgeous Cimone-Louise!!
    You are clearly making magic happen and it is a complete delight to be around your infectious energy – and with all that you are achieving, you still manage to give time to supporting others dreams too!
    Congrats my lovely friend – it will be a pleasure to watch your continuing success. xx’
    – Elli Julia
    ‘Your constant encouragement, positive feedback and loving words of support
    and kindness resonate through the group. Life is so much about the attitude
    we choose to bring to the table – and you are a role model when it comes to
    Thanks for the share of the NIDA video – I mean every word very sincerely.
    The world needs more people like you!’
    A big hug,
    – Andrew Griffiths

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"Thank you for connecting with me again, you're so kind. You said some very inspiring and motivating messages in our session. This has been the best timing, I've truly loved it. So I am staying optimistic about love and life. Thank you again for all your amazing help and wonderful wise words. I can't wait to have another session in the near future." C.E. Sydney