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Am I workshop junkie? No.

Do I enjoy learning, growing & finding connection with myself and others – ABSOLUTELY! I know that I am not alone, either.

logo_var3Several years ago, in Perth, my first taste was a study group with a wonderful lady called Mary Heath who started me on my journey. It was amazing – all of the judgment and punishment I was carrying with me, I was suddenly able to let that go.

It wasn’t easy though. For 8 weeks we dissected the book “You Can Heal Your Life” which completely transformed my life and the things that I do (along with 50 million others as well, by that one little book). My mother read it and my partner Merv’s mother also read it.

My mission was to share this work with as many people, so I decide to study as a Louise L Hay Teacher Trainer too.

Best decision ever.

Cimone-Louise. Say Yes To Love.

I then moved from Perth to Sydney & shortly did Bob Proctor’s “ Think & Grow Rich” Workshop Program. Here I met a dynamic lady called Sonia; and, I scored twice: a great friendship and a richer mindset by Uncle Bob!

Anthony Robbins message was to live with passion for 3 days: walking on hot coals I felt I could do anything – and I still do. Nothing more uplifting than “I am invincible feeling”. It made me feel fantastic.

Workshops are not for everyone. Sometimes the noise of the world and our inner violent dialogue just needs to quieten down to listen to our own calling, our own heart beat and our own intuition.

So, with the accumulation of knowledge, from my mother who taught me everything on intuition & my sixth sense, to great mentors like Louise, Tony & Bob, I have been able to apply their principles to my life. I have been sharing this extensively for over 10 plus years, with thousands of clients all over the world.

On Sun 10 Feb it would be my great pleasure and honour to take you through the “Say Yes to Love” 8 hour accelerator workshop on love & relationships for 2013. YES, this is your year!

Would you like  to receive answers to these questions, that I know that you have?

* Awareness around love and building relationships; how to spark ideas to get into the right relationship for YOU! ( I can show you how I attracted my partner & 8 years strong)

* Answers to “HOW IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN?” and “WHEN IS IT GOING TO HAPPEN?”. That is the only question I ever asked my mum. After 10 plus years of answering these two questions, I know the answers to this. My speciality is unlocking your blocks so you can love fully as well as anyone else.

* Strengthen your self-confidence, and start liking yourself a whole lot more. This does not work judging ourselves – it slows down creation.

* Learn how to stay happy and light, regardless of whether you are in a relationship or not. Be happy and single, and he will come faster (I promise xx).

* Show you that you do not have to wait any longer. I will teach you how to ask & to receive.

It’s going to be a fantastic day of training, inspiration, insight, and most importantly, love. We will show you how to love yourself and bring peace and love to your life.

To help qualify you for this workshop – take this Love Quiz NOW & send me an email with your score –

I will then be able to guide you with the next steps that you need to take.


I’ll be using ideas from my up-coming book, and I will share these tools on how to be creative and effective in building an intimate relationship. You will learn how to get the love you want.

PLUS all the secrets on how I attracted my partner and have lived 8 magical years together.


Big juicy Valentines Day in the month of love & sweetest possibilities,

Cimone-Louise xxx.


PS *** EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL – All workshop bookings BEFORE 11pm on Wednesday will receive a 1-on-1 session – Value $190 ***.



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About the Author: Cimone-Louise Fung is an Intuitive Strategist. Her expertise is working with women entrepreneurs through her successful mentoring programs 'Say Yes to Love' and 'Trust your Gut'. She is a regular speaker at the MindBodySpirit Festivals around Australia, worked with Cleo Magazine in a regular column and has featured in the Sunday Telegraph, the Daily Telegraph and several other overseas publications including the Hong Kong's leading English news daily the South China Morning Post as well as contributing to an e-Book alongside Jack Canfield, Mike Dooley & Dr John Demartini. .


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Words of Praise

"Thank you for connecting with me again, you're so kind. You said some very inspiring and motivating messages in our session. This has been the best timing, I've truly loved it. So I am staying optimistic about love and life. Thank you again for all your amazing help and wonderful wise words. I can't wait to have another session in the near future." C.E. Sydney