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What We Do

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What We Do

Cimone-Louise FungMy niche is running a mentoring program for career women who want to find “the one”. I offer support finding the right partner to women who are sick & tired of finding themselves in relationships with the wrong kind of men.

I work one on one or on Skype for interstate and international. I mentor them on confidence, connection & having fulfilling relationships. I’m exceptionally great with working with women in their 30-40’s that are dealing with those challenges.

I’ve had 10 years experience mentoring and offering support to clients in Europe and Australia.

The top 3 problems I solve are:

1) Feeling lonely – coming home to do more work on the laptop, too busy to find and build love. No-one special to share dinner with or to share wins of the day with a significant other?

2) Unfulfilled – even though you have a great & thriving career, you still feel like something is missing; not 100% satisfied with your life. Where is the passion & romance?

3) Time is ticking by – you really want to find “the one”? Scared you may have to sacrifice your professional ambitions. Marriage & children is a must. You want to have it all, just not sure how to juggle it.

Words of Praise

"Thank you for connecting with me again, you're so kind. You said some very inspiring and motivating messages in our session. This has been the best timing, I've truly loved it. So I am staying optimistic about love and life. Thank you again for all your amazing help and wonderful wise words. I can't wait to have another session in the near future." C.E. Sydney