WHDH Questions

This worksheet was created to paint 2 worlds. It’s an eye-opener to see if you’re not willing to take the steps then everything remains the same. What I’ve found by sharing this worksheet is that the opportunity to paint the picture, visualise, feel & step into what you really want, the heaviness of what will happen if it doesn’t happen starts to lift, & you’re able then to make new choices & decisions from this place of knowing.

What happens , If It doesn’t happen

  • What would you do instead?
  • What sort of life would you have ?
  • How would you behave?
  • How would you FEEL?
  • Would you still feel fulfilled

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Words of Praise

"Thank you for connecting with me again, you're so kind. You said some very inspiring and motivating messages in our session. This has been the best timing, I've truly loved it. So I am staying optimistic about love and life. Thank you again for all your amazing help and wonderful wise words. I can't wait to have another session in the near future." C.E. Sydney