Words of Praise

21-day mentoring program

“Love your work! These 21-day challenges are the absolute best! The accountability and synergy is fantastic! Achieving more than I ever have in the past, small baby steps, definite progress!”

– A.K. Sydney

“I have certainly found working with you a HUGE BENEFIT and I am very grateful for your encouragement.”

– D.U. Sydney

“Feeling very strong, positive and ready for an amazing 2014 🙂 thanks so much Cimone-Louise for keeping me focused on this 21-day challenge 🙂

– L.B. Sydney

“Privileged, blessed, humbled – super dooper big thanks for the ride. The driver Cimone-Louise has taken us to the first stop…now let’s keep on track and keep moving forward! The scenery will provoke our senses, the passengers will inspire us and our intuition will tell us which stops are for us! Thank u EARTH ANGEL Cimone…magnificent as you are! Big Love.”

– L.A. Sydney

“Thankful for 21 Days of inner change. Cimone-Louise you are one special, loving being xxx.”

– R.C. Queensland

“This has been a wonderful 21 days Cimone-Louise. Thank you for taking the time to motivate us each and every day in a personal way. You are such a blessing to the world. I have been doing my morning rituals first. It’s like I hear your voice in my head now. When I wake up, time for me first, the rest of the world can wait. And on the rare occasion that I ignored that voice my days were a struggle, not flowing and just generally more challenging. Thank you for the skills I have learnt and the knowing how important it is to honour me first. Love ya xxxx”

– N.C. Sydney

“Thank you for your love and your inspiration Cimone-Louise. You are magnificent and a blessing to us all xx!!!”

– H.H. Germany

“Cimone-Louise, thank you so much for your love and support these last 21 days. Thank you for introducing me to morning and evening rituals. I am not seeing it as the end but the beginning of the new me.”

– G.C. Sydney

“Day 21! Magnificent Cim! Thank you for cheering us up, for the love and support and for believing in us. We couldn’t have a better cheerleader than you :-). I have learnt much more in these 21 days than I’ve done in the last few months. I’m very proud of you all ladies, this is just the beginning of something to come. Yah!”

– C.C. Sydney

“My routines are in place and here to stay. Thank you ladies for joining me on this journey, love your energy. Thank you Cimone-Louise for your love and support. You are amazing xxxx.”

– K.P. Canberra

“Everything done. I have faced some tough challenges and deadlines though everything flowed in this 21 days. I will continue to keep up my daily habits. Thank you all fellow mentees, your results and comments inspire me to keep me going over this time. And thank you to the amazing CIMONE-LOUISE bless bless bless xxx.”

– K.R. Sydney

“Thank you lovely Cim for your wonderful guidance, support and encouragement as always :-). I have learnt to consider myself and enjoying this new way of being. Have been doing all my rituals every day. Thanks to all mentees for wonderful inspirational messages and wishing 2014 is the best year ever for everyone including myself. Love peace and light to all.”

– E.K. Sydney

“Thank you all for the loving energy and support! I am also ready to begin another 21-day challenge. Thank you for the cheering!!!!”

– D.C. Sydney


‘Thanks Cimone-Louise! I’ve really enjoyed being a part of these webinars. They bring me such peace and comfort and really help me center myself. The environment you are are able to create in person and on-line is comforting and nurturing, and you have the innate ability to make my busy mind filled with thoughts calm me down in an instant. Being able to get back to ‘that’ place on my own after your workshops becomes a lot easier. I have greatly benefitted from them-each and every time!! Thank you :-)’

– Irene K


‘Cimone-Louise was gentle, loving, respectful and encouraging through the course of on-line study. It was the next best thing to being in the room with her! Although on-line workshops may be a scary concept for some, this was very user friendly and lovely to work with her in cyberspace!’

– Renee J


‘Thank you for connecting with me again, you’re so kind. You said some very inspiring and motivating messages in our session. This has been the best timing, I’ve truly loved it. So I am staying optimistic about love and life. Thank you again for all your amazing help and wonderful wise words. I can’t wait to have another session in the near future’

– C.E. Sydney


‘Thank you for helping me:
Find clarity and understanding in situations both personally and professionally.
Creating an open and welcoming environment to discuss particular personal matters with confidence.
Recognising bad habits and self criticisms and create an action plan to overcome it. Self awareness and self believe again.’

– M.M. Sydney


‘Cimone – Louise has been a guiding light and since working with her I have developed a great self-belief in my own ability and accomplishments. Cimone-Louise is always there for you on the tough days she will be by your side every step of the way to encourage you and on the great days she is there to celebrate in your successes.’

– S.M. Sydney


‘I started working with Cimone-Louise in November 2012 and we recently looked back on my goals and personal achievements I was truly amazed at how far we had come, she has helped in the right direction to become the person I want to become. This has been invaluable guidance and support. I have gone through a huge transformation and I wouldn’t have come as far or as fast as I have today without her mentorship.’

– D.C. Sydney


‘Cimone-Louise has helped me through the set-up of a brand new business venture. She has given me the strength to walk away with confidence and into an environment that now serves my purpose.’

– J.K. Sydney


‘Cimone-Louise is ruthless at networking and has introduced myself and my business to some amazing like-minded people and opened so many doors, there are no-limits.’

– K.S. Sydney


‘Cimone-Louise, has been a great mentor on all levels as well as becoming a trusted friend and confidant.’

– L.C. Sydney


‘Thank you very much Cimone for your support, boost and kindness. Overall I feel balanced, content and I find myself nicer to people in general. This has been tremendously helpful and I am so grateful about my new relationship. I feel very trusting and positive. Thank you greatly!!’

– G.B. Sydney


‘What a blessing you are to all whom you touch!

I felt very stuck in my life, unable to make decisions to move forward with my life, out of touch with my intuition.

With your wisdom and intuitive mentoring, kindness, empathy and joyfulness, you renewed my faith in myself and my intuition. You gave me a simple and very powerful goody bag full of tools to use to get me back in the flow.

I feel so connected in myself and expressing daily gratitude, so that everything else was eclipsed and knowing that I am in control at all times!!!

I now have a deep sense of being connected and a daily deep sense of gratitude which guides me and tempers my outlook on everything and all of my decisions.

The biggest, most profound change is the constant knowing that I am in control, even in control of how connected I am.

I’ve felt it at times during my life though never really understood it or believed it.

It has given me a deep sense of peace, calm, strength and absolute gratitude.

Thank you my angel mentor!’

– E.C. UK


‘Just letting you know how accurate and spot on your session was. I feel so inspired and know that I’m on the right track. I’m so glad to have met you and know our paths will cross again.’

– Emma, Singapore


‘I found our conversations around my new business very helpful and getting the feedback on my flyers. It was good to have you to bounce ideas off and also to help me gain perspective and not get too uptight and stuck on small details. To keep everything grounded and simple and this helped with my confidence and to trust myself. This was easy for me to apply during our mentoring period. It was good to have that ongoing support and direct feedback from someone who is so experienced in the field.

You also helped me to see that I have choices around what I want to focus on and that I don’t have to be everything to everyone. This is a philosophy that I can apply to my music and other my business as well. Learning to focus and streamline and focus on my strengths and what feels right for me, rather than feeling I have to fit another person/industry’s ideal or expectation. It’s about taking that power back for myself and still feeling good about what I do.

Your suggestions around daily gratitude have been very helpful, it’s been good to have that reinforcement and to continue with the practice of thankfulness for all the small and big things so that I can come from a place of strength.

Aside from that, your inspiring words of encouragement and support, for seeing the ‘genius’ in me, often I hear you speaking in the back of my mind and it gives me more confidence to move forward, to focus on my strengths and giftedness rather than my perceived weaknesses and flaws. Your gentle soothing energy and strong intuition helped me to feel understood and supported.

I think my biggest challenge during that time was my body was not coping with working 6 days a week. Since going back to working 5 days per week (most weeks anyways) I’ve had more energy for my new business and time for my music. I think with my work schedule at the time I didn’t have a lot of opportunity or energy to integrate many of the suggestions around my music, so that is an ongoing work in progress. Our discussions gave me a good foundation to work with that I can integrate for my social marketing and promotion. The exercises you gave me around my values and personality were helpful and insightful too.’

– G.E. Sydney


‘I really wanted to share these small wins from the start of our mentoring:
I have faith in my relationship with my boyfriend again.
I have given myself the freedom and the “ok” what is not right for me.
Channelling my energy into a business idea.
Feeling more powerful and moving away from negativity.
More opportunities have open up to me.
Getting back in contact with my media contacts again.
Taking away the pressures I feel from my family and partner.
Managing my boss (you have given me clarity on why she does what she does.)
I have escaped negative patterns.
Learning to let go rather than hold onto a grudge.
Radio experience – exciting and sparked my passion again
Stop me from feeling guilty from wanting to leave my normal job.
I have more clarity and conformation that I won’t find happiness in my normal job.
I have stop whinging about life.
I have more clarity and direction.
Reconnected with my friends (feeling depressed at times I stopped doing this.)
Learning ways to deal with my mother.
Calming myself and stilling my mind.
Learning to be grateful and appreciate me.’

– B.C. Sydney


‘Detox and DE cluttering for sure – it never felt so easy!!!’

– M.A. Sydney


‘Thanks for your encouraging mentoring. I’ve been asking for support at work & guess what? Every day I’m getting it! It’s amazing!”
Love Love Love your positive and inspiring energy, thank you soo much for your support and for sharing YOU!’

– L.C. Sydney


‘Cimone-Louise have you been talking to the Universe again? I got ANOTHER CALL for a producing role with Channel 7.’

– J.B. Sydney


‘Thank you for today it was a beautiful session. The biggest thing I am grateful for today is the gift of having you in my life xo’

– E.H. Sydney


‘Cimone-Louise has not only increased my sense of belief in myself she has cleared the blocks and crafted the steps for me to reach my true potential.

The most beneficial part of working with Cimone-Louise has been her unwavering support and making me accountable to do the tasks that I needed to do to get me where I wanted to be.

Cimone-Louise is a master at removing blocks that prevent us from reaching our true potential!’

– N.S. NY


‘As I said to a lady on Monday, if I could listen to you every day, I would. I really enjoy being in your company and listening to your wisdom. It makes so much sense.’

– Adrienne, Sydney, NSW


‘In her workshop, Cimone-Louise creates a space which is truly non-judgemental and accepting. She offers insights and practical tools that, when applied, create remarkable change that inspires everyone. Doing this for yourself and letting it spill over into all areas of your life is like unwrapping a new present every day!’

– Ani, Sydney, NSW


‘You touched my heart and mind. Outside I haven’t changed, though inside I’m bubbling over with positive energy. It’s making me shine and the warmth is radiating around me. I knew your “True Love” workshop was inspirational, though never in my wildest dreams did I think it would work so quickly. Thanks again for this new gift of knowledge I now have.’

– Christine, Perth, WA


‘It was so uplifting being around your delicious energy, Cimone-Louise! Loved your magical presence! The buzz and bliss are most definitely nurturing me and I’m in the flow-flow-flow, baby!’

– Amber, Sydney, NSW


‘I have been to so many different workshops. Yours is truly the BEST – the simplest and most heartfelt and caring. It’s so easy to apply what I’ve learnt to my daily life. Your workshops open my heart a little more every time I attend them. I like them so much that I’ve recommended them to others. It’s like going to a dance class – once is not enough until you apply what you’ve learnt and are fully living it. May you always continue to lift us up and inspire us to dream.’

– Yanni, Dubai, UAE


‘Sweet Cimone-Louise, thank you for being your gorgeous, vibrant self :). It was lovely to see you in action at the workshop – you are so gifted and patient. Whenever I am in your presence I am filled with love and spirit, and when I’m in that positive place, I feel like I’m filled to the brim with sunshine!!’

– Lauren, Sydney, NSW


‘What a blessing to have Cimone-Louise Fung in my life, not only as a magnificent mentor & as an unconditional friend. She tested me, pushed me through my limits & I couldn’t be more than grateful to her for that! Now I have the love of my life by my side. Trust your intuition, this workshop will change your life forever! ♥’

– Carla


‘Cimone is one of the most amazing mentors I’ve ever met! This work shop is a must for anyone looking for love! An inspiring lady who just gets it!! Xx’

– Gemma


‘Will be a excellent day!! Cimone-Louise Fung Shines with love in everything she does! xxxxx ♥’

– Nicole


‘Cimone-Louise Fung is wonderful. I always feel so creative and alive after my mentoring sessions. Truly inspirational and SO full of enthusiasm and happy vibes!!! This workshop will be great xx’

– Zoe


‘This one is for all the single entrepreneur ladies out there. My friend and mentor has a work shop this coming Saturday in Sydney. Cimone-Louise is an amazing businesses woman coach. You can be an entrepreneur/ business savvy women and have the man of your dreams it is possible. Cimone will show you how you can have everything you have ever dreamed of and more she changed my world.’

– Krista


‘Definitely get on board with this for Saturday if you can make it! Cimone-Louise Fung is always such a delight! Have been to a few of her seminars and I always get SO much out of it. She’ll inspire and motivate you beyond words! Xx’

– Shae-Lee


‘Love Cimone-Louise’s work and approach – very excited that RSVP is involved – since learning from Cimone-Louise Fung my RSVP experience has really turned around! Saturday will indeed be amazing!’

– Emma


This is massive value… I have worked with Cimone-Louise, she is so great and I know it will be a delightful, empowering afternoon – guaranteed! Single Ladies should Go!!!

– Deb


‘Cimone-Louise is a top chick! She is a genuinely good person whose interests lie mainly in helping others. She is so passionate about seeing people happy and especially in relationships. Definitely check this one out! Bring a friend and help share the love.’

– Elisa


‘Anytime I spend with #CimoneLouise is absolutely gorgeous and having been to one of her workshops, I can say listening to her ideas and wisdom is worth it!’

– Elli


‘For once a workshop that will be uplifting, practical and full of inspiration. Your guidance and energy is always so generous. Talking about Love should be positive, it won’t get any better than this workshop x.’

– Lillian

Words of Praise

"Thank you for connecting with me again, you're so kind. You said some very inspiring and motivating messages in our session. This has been the best timing, I've truly loved it. So I am staying optimistic about love and life. Thank you again for all your amazing help and wonderful wise words. I can't wait to have another session in the near future." C.E. Sydney